Don’t be the misogynist everyone hates.

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Not too long ago, I was on a train and a girl and a boy were sitting just a few seats away. They were looking at something on a phone and suddenly the boy yelled ‘she is just crazy’ so loud that I did a double-take. I have no idea what they were looking at but the intensity with which he said ‘crazy’ made me a bit uneasy.

For centuries, women have been grouped together and called many things. They are both good and bad stereotypes but hey we tend to somehow get known by names that unnecessarily represent ‘a…

Imagining cities as humans!

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People. Buildings. Traffic. Crowd. Honks. Cars. Buses. Lights — These are the major components of a metropolitan city on planet earth. What was started by early humans millions of years back now took this giant form symbolizing ‘modern civilization’. My travels have taken me to many towns, ports, villages, cities, and countries, and it amazes me how every single place had a distinct identity of its own.

For years, it kept me wondering how cities achieve a sense of visibility and distinguish themselves in the world. …

Being judgmental doesn’t mean being a bad person

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If there’s anyone in your life who says that they don’t judge then they are lying through their teeth. Everyone judges and everyone says that they don’t. I am one of those people who is not vocal about things but I will tell you that I judge and my friends are not too happy about it. I mean if someone is visibly being inconsiderate to others then, of course, I will judge them and I will judge them hard. But that is not it. …

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Throughout my childhood, I would think about what it actually meant when people said ‘it’s all about perfect timing’. I mean, if something is about to happen, wouldn’t it just happen regardless of everything? Think about the years when MySpace was ‘the thing’ before the era of Facebook. It was such a great idea, but at the wrong time. The world wasn’t simply ready for such a huge shift in social connections.

I have given much thought to how things evolved in my life as well as our society and the way we perceive each event. I was always a…

Why these contests should be a thing in the past.

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It’s 2021 and beauty pageants with their century-old traditions have still managed to be a thing in a world fueled with sexist remarks. The contests provide a platform for candidates to present themselves in front of the world so they can represent an entire generation of women — most of who are insecure about their body, life, achievements, skin color, weight, and, well, beauty. They are prepped to become the leaders of tomorrow but with unrealistic beauty standards that promote stereotypes all over the world. The contests don't allow married women, candidates with kids, or those who have passed the…

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In the historical study of race and ethnicity, there have been constant shreds of evidence of how ‘whiteness’ is considered as the norm of society. The concept of ‘whiteness’ being superior and different has been deeply rooted in our minds from an early age. Think about how most of the major news outlets are owned by white men and therefore the featured news events are portrayed differently than how they sometimes should be. We are used to this. A white person is not familiar with the fearful thought of being stopped by a police officer just because of their skin…

Am I the only person who takes — ‘I will be always there for you’ too seriously?

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I want to ask — Why?

Why can’t I immediately respond to a message or call? How does replying to someone instantly make us ‘individuals with little or no other things to do’? Why can’t I just be a quick responder?

Am I the only person who takes — ‘I will be always there for you’ way too seriously? I mean, I hope not.

It’s one thing to actually be busy and it’s another to intentionally avoid people just because we have the liberty of doing so. This whole idea that ‘we shouldn’t make ourselves too available’ because people will…

Witness 4,000-year-old culture like never before

By Ajay Suresh from New York, NY, USA — Jewish Museum

Hub for the Jewish traditions and culture, this magnificent museum is located on New York City’s Upper East Side facing Central Park and is a beautiful mansion-turned museum building. The museum draws on a large collection of art and various ceremonial artifacts reflecting Jewish identity and culture for more than 3,000 years. The most fascinating part of the Jewish culture is that it becomes challenging for one to isolate the cultural traditions from the religious ones and that one will be lost in the rich history and collections that the gorgeous architecture treasures.



While pursuing dominance, the nation is harboring ignorance

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There have been recent proposals to change the history syllabus from Delhi University, India. The importance of mythology and ancient Indian texts inclining towards religion has taken the front seat over the study of pre-historic times and the early historic period. The government of India had appointed a committee of history scholars to focus on rewriting the history of the nation that plans to use archeological evidence to prove that Hindus have directly descended from the land’s first inhabitants many thousands of years ago. As much as this sounds illogical, the government has systematically revised and ruled out important segments…

An unhealthy obsession

Photo by Flora Westbrook from Pexels

The fear of losing him has been the worst of feelings she had for years. She was getting restless and anxious and no amount of coffee was helping her. Driving through the desert at 95m/hr was still not enough. Racing against time, she was focused on her destination and needed to get there as fast as she could. He’s been knocked out for some time now and she hoped he didn’t wake up panicking before reaching their destination.

The drive took her back to the memory lane — of all the times they spent together, breathed and…

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